FMC Carswell Visiting Regulations

FMC Carswell is located in the northeast corner of Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth (formerly Carswell Air Force Base). Visitors must check in at base visitation in order to enter the base and must have a valid driver's license or passport. If the vehicle you are using is a rental car, you will need to provide officials with the make, model and license plate of the vehicle in order to obtain a pass to enter the base. (If you are driving a personal vehicle, you must also present a copy of your current liability insurance.)

Legal visits can be scheduled Monday to Thursday from 8:30 AM until 3:00 PM. (Friday visits can be arranged for special circumstances.) In order to schedule a legal visit, counsel must request a visit in writing. The letter must include the client's name and BOP register number, the date and time of the requested visit, and who will be present for the visit. The letter must be faxed to the prison, care of the prisoner's counselor. (If this is a first visit, counsel must also include a copy of the order reflecting counsel's appointment, as well as a copy of counsel's bar card and either a driver's license or passport.) Counsel should also call (817.782.4000) to notify the counselor that the request for a visit has been faxed. 

Additional regulations regarding visits at FMC Carswell can be found in the following BOP Program Statement: FMC Carswell Visiting Regulations